Welcome to our website. We are the oldest continuous company of Auctioneers & Valuers in the city of Liverpool, having been first established in 1787.

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4 thoughts on “Turners Auctioneers of Liverpool

  1. Hello do you sell john Wayne Winchester rifles and other makes of replica guns .I am wanting to sell items of my late father.kind regards Shirley O’Rourke.

    1. Hello Shirley
      I do not know whether you got my earlier message, I was just checking through my old emails and found this message from you- the short answer to your query is yes we can sell these for you we have sold them before -any certificates or boxes helps them if you would like to discuss this further please contact me on 01517094005 – Kevin Davies

  2. Hi. I have around 30 kaiser porcelain vases that are sat in the attic. Is this something you would be able to sell for me?

    1. Hello yes we can sell these for you we do see a few of these but not quite in the numbers you have. We take goods in every Friday and Monday. Value tends to be driven by condition and quality
      If you can send me some photos I’ll always look at them and give you any help or advice I can
      Kind regard

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