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Turner & Sons are a family firm of Auctioneers & Valuers, who have served the people of Liverpool and the North West of England for well over 200 years.

Based in Roscoe Street, Liverpool: On the very edge of Liverpool’s famous Chinatown. We hold weekly Public Auctions every Thursday throughout the year, having a public viewing every Wednesday.

Our Sellers are wide and varied – and consignments come from the private individual with a single lot to Government Bodies, National Banks and Local Solicitors and Businesses with several hundred lots.

The items sold range from Fine Art and Jewellery & Antiques to Modern Furnishings, Stocks, Cars and Commercial Vehicles – in short more or less anything that can be sold by way of public auction.

Items are generally brought to us on any Monday or Friday (excluding Bank Holiday’s) and are entered where possible into that Thursday’s sale. Sale accounts will be settled within 10 working days of the sale of all goods, in the form of a statement, listing your goods sold, and a cheque in settlement.

We can arrange removals, clearances and deliveries and quotes can be arranged where necessary.

We offer Services for sale by Auction and Private treaty, we can carry out valuations for Insurance, Probate, Family Division and just plain old curiosity

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