To enter goods for sale with Turner & Sons is a relatively straight forward process.

Goods may be consigned to us on any Monday or Friday through out the year with out appointment, simply turn up at the Saleroom with your item(s) we will appraise them for you and advise you accordingly as to value and suitability for sale. If you are happy with what we tell you then leave them with us and we will enter them in to our next available sale on your behalf.

We can advise you on estimates, reserves, the right sale for the right item, and even if we feel unable to help you with your item(s) we can nearly always point you  in the right direction to somebody who may be able to help you.

If getting down to the saleroom is difficult then we can value by photograph via e-mail – simply send some pics together with your contact details to KEVIN@TURNERS-AUCTIONS.COM and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

For those who have more items or require a more personalised service we can arrange to attend at a property to appraise and value, this may take a day or two to sort out, but we can normally call out within a couple of days if within the Merseyside, West Lancashire or North Wales area. Other areas may require a more specifically planned visit. We will always try to work to your convenience.

As a general rule we do not charge for a call out, but if your require a formal valuation in writing then charges will apply. Obviously this is based upon the specific requirement of you as the client and charges can be discussed and defined prior to our call out, just ask and we will let you know.

Sales fees are a straight forward commission on sale -these vary from 7.5% to 22.5% (all plus VAT -we are a VAT registered company) -depending upon the value of the item- The higher the value of the item the less the commission rate will be.

We do not charge entry fees, lotting fees, cataloguing fees , photographic fees, fees for putting stuff on our website etcetera etcetera -We charge a straightforward commission for selling, if the item does not sell we do not charge.



Valuations for Insurance, Probate, Inheritance Tax and Family Division.

Turner & Sons Valuation Department offers the private and professional client the following important services

Written Valuations
As part of our professional services we can provide confidential written valuations to suit individual requirements
From a single item, to the full contents of your house, our experts can provide you with a detailed valuation of your possessions. This will be an invaluable record in event of loss or damage.
Inheritance Tax/Probate
You can be assured that our extensive knowledge of auction prices will ensure that valuations of this type will always reflect the current state of the market as far as taxation is concerned.
Family Division
If the need arises to divide your or your family’s belongings, we can provide you with professional and impartial valuations.
Willing Buyer/Willing Seller
If the purchaser of your house or business is interested in buying some of your belongings, we can provide you with a current market valuation that is fair to both parties.
Speed Of Service
Normally a valuation or assessment can be undertaken within one week. With a sale at your convenience if required. 
Updating Scheme
The market value of fine art can change so rapidly that we now offer to update written valuations after two years for half the normal fee.
Specialist Advice
We have experience in a wide range of fine art valuations and sales.

If you require any more details or information about our services then please contact us. Thank you.